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A complete pension engagement and financial wellness package for your employees

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A financial companion for everyone

With Maji, you’re investing in your team’s financial wellbeing alongside developing
their engagement with one of the biggest benefits you’re likely to offer: your workplace pension.

The result?
Happier and more productive employees who feel their employer cares.

Our ready-to-go platform

With personalised guided journeys, illustrations, targets, tools and nudges to support the needs of each of your individual employees.

Via iOS, Android and desktop app

Make your pension exciting

Maji enhances the value of your existing pension scheme through a personalised engagement journey.
Employees are coached to:

Optimise their workplace pension

Take advantage of salary sacrifice, matching opportunities and tax relief to maximise pension benefits.

Save Smart

Use Maji’s Smart savings programme to ‘set and forget’ contribution changes to reach a savings target.

See live valuations of their pensions

Create a dashboard of pension valuations for present and past accounts including the state pension.

Take control of their financial future

Create a long term financial plan and consolidate funds into the pension of their choice.

Create a best in class financial wellbeing strategy

Money support at the click of a button: whenever your employees need it and in a way that suits them.

Achieve financial goals

Use Maji’s financial planning tools to understand and set financial goals such as saving for a house or preparing for retirement. Access guided journeys to help achieve these targets.

1:1 coaching sessions

Book a free session with an expert including financial planners, mortgage advisors and money coaches.

Become a money expert

Follow Maji’s money curriculum with live monthly masterclasses on a range of money topics that matter

How it works

Two packages: starting at less than the price of a cup of coffee per month!


Employees can optimise their workplace pension (change contributions, access salary sacrifice and save Smart)


Employees can book time with vetted financial experts, access live money masterclasses and connect their pension accounts.

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