Maji: Track and improve your employee’s financial wellbeing.

Improve your employees’ financial health and wellbeing

Maji is the first tool you need to power your financial wellness strategy

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    Join the growing list of companies offering Maji

    Join the growing list of companies offering Maji

    What is Maji?

    Maji is a complete financial wellbeing and money management platform enabling you to track and improve the financial wellbeing of your employees.

    Everyone worries about money, regardless of personal circumstances. Maji’s powerful diagnostics allow you to deploy targeted solutions based on each individual’s challenges and aspirations. Your employees will feel less stressed, more optimistic and more settled in their roles.

    Increase pay and the bottom line with salary sacrifice

    Increase pay and the bottom line with salary sacrifice

    Our technology makes it easy to implement a pension salary sacrifice scheme. Learn more about how Maji can help you reduce National Insurance costs within one pay cycle.

    Key benefits

    Powerful data

    Understand your people like never before!
    Get access to unparalleled data to shape your wellbeing strategy and to make sure your benefit offer matches the needs of your people; learn about the money stresses facing your employees, as well as their current and future risks and opportunities.

    Action-focused financial education

    Personalised for your employees!
    Whether they’re saving for a house, want to start investing or need to consolidate pensions, Maji’s multi-format education (articles, live and on-demand masterclasses, videos and structured coaching journeys) will help them to take action, reducing their stress and improving outcomes.

    360º money management tools

    Financial control feels good.
    Employees can track their cash, savings and investments, pensions, properties and loans in one place. They can also integrate their credit report, analyse spending and create budgets to manage their finances through a single platform.

    Financial planning services

    Your employees will be 40% more likely to achieve their goals with a thorough financial plan.
    Maji’s accessible, market-leading tool helps your employees create their financial plan, which they can action with Maji’s digital coaching, or share with a financial coach or advisor for a low cost review.

    1-to-1 expert support

    Sometimes your employees need the help of an expert.
    With Maji, you’ll offer access to trusted and vetted experts: money coaches, financial planners, mortgage advisors and estate planners.

    How we’re different


    Cheaper than a monthly coffee.
    Our digital-first approach makes Maji affordable for all. Plus, Maji often delivers 100% ROI through NI reductions alone. And that doesn’t even include the boost to productivity.


    ‘One-size fits-all’ doesn’t work. Maji’s powerful tools deploy a personalised solution that’s right for each of your employees, whether that’s information, a digital tool or a conversation with an expert.


    Evidence-based and data-led.
     Maji uses the latest research and gathers data about the real challenges and aspirations of your employees, giving you invaluable insight into how you can better support your people.


     Maji seamlessly helps employees take action, whether that’s writing a will or purchasing insurance. Importantly, this can include driving uptake of any relevant employee benefits you offer.

    Get our guide to implementing financial wellbeing!

      How Maji works for you

      Step 1

      Your dedicated account manager will get to know you and your company.

      Step 2

      Together you’ll create your roll out strategy using a mixture of physical and digital assets.

      Step 3

      We’ll feed back regular analytics to detail how your employees are making use of Maji

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