Unlock the hidden value of your pension

Maji cuts the costs of running your workplace pension by at least 20% and coaches your employees toward a more financially secure future

Maji for employers

Maji works alongside your current pension provider to turn a fixed cost into a competitive advantage and improve the financial wellness of your team 


Maji automates your statutory pension requirements. The platform handles everything from employee enrolment and communications, to managing contribution change requests and your salary sacrifice scheme.


Our system enables you to meet all your statutory pension obligations, including auto-enrolment and record keeping, as required by The Pensions Regulator and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Cost savings

Pensions are companies' biggest benefit spend. Maji lowers pension costs for you and your employees. For every £1 one of your team members saves into their pension, you save 14p.


Research shows most employees don’t understand their pension, and ant their employer to do more to help them. Maji gives you a differentiated pension benefit that supports your talent strategy and improves employee wellbeing.

“From an employer’s point of view, it’s empowering for the staff to take control of their own futures. Maji gives them the freedom, tools and support to explore where they stand, and where they want to be, financially.”

-Sushil (Bees)

Maji for Employees

Our digital pension coach helps you manage your contributions so you can you create a more financially secure future

Make the most of your workplace pension

Your pension is likely to be one of your largest wealth creators. Maji's easy-to-use tools, dashboards and calculators help you make the most your pension. And our Smart Programme saves you money without you having to do anything.
Just set it and forget it.

See and manage all your pension pots in one place

Whether you are joining a pension savings scheme for the first time or the tenth time, Maji helps you track past and present contributions from multiple accounts all in one place. If you leave your employer, your Maji account goes with you, so you’ll never lose track of any of your pensions no matter how many schemes you join in your career.

Get expert tips to manage your finances

Not knowing where to start or what to do stops most people from taking control of their finances. Our Academy offers on-demand videos, financial guides and masterclasses from professional coaches to guide you every step of the way. We can even show you how to make the most money possible from your contributions.

“Using Maji hammered home that I should be saving more in my pension 
and how much I should be saving.” -Robin
“I absolutely love Maji. It’s got me thinking a lot about pensions and I love
more than anything else having it all in one place.”

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