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Maji was the perfect choice for enhancing and relaunching our company pension offer. It was really easy to set up Salary Exchange, and for employees to increase their contributions directly on the platform. And they’ve made good use of being able to connect to a financial advisor. I’d definitely recommend Maji for any company.”

Leanne, Kiwi Power

Optimising pensions for employers
and employees

Save money, make your pension exciting and give everyone their own financial coach.

It’s simple and quick to deploy and can save you and your employees thousands of pounds.

Supercharge your business

Cut costs

Maximise cost savings through HMRC’s salary sacrifice scheme

Attract & retain

Attract and retain the best people.
69% of people check pension and benefit arrangements when

Boost Productivity

Boost morale and productivity without distraction from money worries

Build culture

Develop a meaningful benefit & reward strategy showing your people you care

Save money and time with Maji

Maji is the UK’s only digital pension salary sacrifice scheme manager – making it simple for you to benefit from HMRC’s tax reductions, and engaging employees in their pensions to maximise savings.

How much could you save?

How many employees do you have?

What’s their average annual salary (£)?

You could save


a year based on a minimum employee contribution of 5% of salary.

What’s more, through Maji’s coaching if your employees increase their savings to the recommended level of 10-12%, it will more than double your savings!

Best-in-class support for employees


Free introductory sessions and discounted rates with money coaches, financial advisors and mortgage advisors


Live masterclasses on a range of financial topics


Tailored digital coaching journeys for each employee to help them optimise their pensions and achieve their money goals


Market leading financial planning tools to set targets and track progress over time, alongside live pension valuations

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