We’re on a mission to help everyone save
for a happy and financially secure future

More than 15 million Britons are not saving adequately for retirement and almost half of all UK adults have under £500 set aside to handle unexpected expenses. This savings challenge is massively impacting our quality of life.

By working together, this is a problem we can solve. Small steps to saving more, driven by better financial education about how pensions work, clear savings plans for achieving a healthy retirement income, and tools to encourage automatic savings will lead to big changes that, over time, can solve our retirement savings crisis.

Maji envisions a not-so-distant future where we turn our current pension savings gap into a savings lifeline that gives everyone the dignity, and the luxury, of a financially secure retirement.

Research from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has shown that pension planning makes people feel better about and more in control of their life post-working life.

“A good [retirement] income gives you confidence. It gives you courage. It inspires you and it gives you impetus to go out and do things that you wouldn’t do if you didn’t have that money. [Not having adequate savings not only] makes you financially impoverished, you’re socially impoverished, you’re culturally impoverished.” – Mr. Jenkins, retiree

About Maji

Maji is a purpose-led company tackling the UK pension savings crisis by helping people to understand the value of their pension and to save into it at recommended levels. Our financial wellbeing platform and app helps people make the most of their long-term savings options and prepare for life’s major money milestones, starting with their workplace pension. Using the latest behavioural science, Maji helps people wherever they are on their pension saving journey – whether they’re just getting started, thinking about starting, or are a long-time saver. Maji is currently available to users through employers and a network of trusted partners. Direct account sign up for individuals is coming soon. 

The Maji story

The name Maji (pronounced Mah-jee) stands for trust and respect. Ma is the familiar form of mum. Mothers are the epitome of trust, a realisation Sahil made watching his own children revere and respond to their mother. Ji is used in Sahil’s native India to signify respect. Everything we do at Maji flows from our core values of trust and respect for people, product and the planet.

The three pillars of financial security

We believe helping people save for a happy and financially secure future starts with a commitment to helping them develop in three core areas of financial wellbeing.

Financial capability

Taking control of their finances. Having the knowledge, skills, attitude and discipline to successfully manage their money to meet short- and long-term goals.

Financial resilience

Saving for a rainy day. Setting aside an emergency fund of at least £500 to cover unexpected expenses plus savings of at least 3 months of salary to cover an unplanned drop in income.

Financial freedom

Planning for the future. Ensuring a comfortable lifestyle after they choose
to stop working by committing to
saving enough into their workplace pension.

Leadership team

Sahil Sethi


A serial entrepreneur and ideas person, Sahil first dreamed up the idea for Maji in 2015. His dream became a reality in 2019 when he and Megan created the first product MVP which drew rave reviews from users. Employers and users had never seen a product like Maji before. Combining his 15 years experience building financial and technology products for the pensions industry with his passion for building technology to do good, Sahil set out to create a tool to make saving into and managing pensions simple. Sahil is a CFA charter holder, holds a first class in Computer Science from City University and is a Ted Institute speaker. A family man and food lover, he started saving into his pension early in his career because, as is usual for many career starters, people told him to do it.

“But what they did not tell me that is that I could and should save more than the minimum contribution. It’s so important for people to understand all their options. That is the first step to taking control of your financial future.”

Megan Worthing-Davies


Megan met Sahil in 2017 when they both worked briefly at a fintech startup. Inspired by his vision for how technology could transform lives, she was thrilled to join him in 2019 as the operational mastermind bringing Maji from dream to reality. Megan is a Teach First alumna, with 10 years of experience running teams in purpose-led organisations noted for their strong education and behavioural science focus. She holds a degree from Oxford University (PPE) and an MSc from LSE, where she minored in behavioural economics. A keen cyclist, footballer and boat lover, Megan’s early career as a gig worker provided her little opportunity to save into a pension.

“I missed out on a decade of pension savings because no one really guided me. I’ve learned that you don’t need to be a financial expert to manage your pension. Your own willingness alongside trusted coaching support can start and keep you on your way to an ‘early and often’ pension savings philosophy.”

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