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Pensions for Individuals

See all your pensions in one place

Catherine Miller

If you want to know how much is in your bank account, it’s pretty easy these days to check via a mobile banking app. There are even apps that show you all your bank accounts in one place. But what about your pension? With the average person likely to have at least six jobs by the time they reach retirement age, now is a great time to get your tracking system in place.

Maji gives you oversight of all your pension savings on one dashboard. In addition to your workplace pension, you can add:

  • Pensions from previous jobs
  • Personal pensions (e.g. SIPPs)
  • An estimation of your State Pension

Not only will this help you see how much you’ve got saved, it’s also a handy place to keep your records. No more unfiled papers under the bed, and no more searching your emails for old statements. With Maji, you’ve got everything at your fingertips. 

Linking your pension accounts

If you’re not sure how much is in each pension account, don’t worry. It’s simple to link Maji to your pension provider accounts. It’s a one-off action that means you can then see a live valuation of all your pensions through Maji – without needing to log into five different websites!

Putting your pensions in context

With your pensions recorded on Maji, you can get a personalised projection of your future retirement income in just a few steps. Then, if you need to, you can adjust the amount you saveto get closer to your goals. Or play around with different scenarios to see what might happen if you retire early or get a buy-to-let property. 

And if you need support with your wider finances, you can speak to our Money Heroes or attend a Masterclass. 

Photo from Unsplash

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