Salary Sacrifice

Maximise savings from pension salary sacrifice, in 1 hour.

We help SMEs change their existing pension to a salary sacrifice arrangement, quickly and with no hassle. 

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    Elevate your pension scheme


    Reduce NI tax bill by up to £1,300 per employees per year


    Give employees a pay rise of up to £600 per year


    Give higher rate tax paying employees full tax relief (no more self assessment tax returns!)

    Save money and time with Maji

    Maji is the UK’s leading digital salary sacrifice scheme manager – making it simple for you to benefit from HMRC’s tax reductions, and engaging employees in their pensions to maximise mutual savings.

    How much could you save?

    How many employees do you have?

    What’s their average annual salary (£)?



    a year based on a minimum employee contribution of 5% of salary.

    What’s more, through Maji’s coaching if your employees increase their savings to the recommended level of 10-12%, it will more than double your savings!

    About salary sacrifice

    Pension salary sacrifice, also known as pension salary exchange, is a scheme run by HMRC that involves a simple administrative change to how pension payments are made. This saves you and your employee’s money by lowering your National Insurance tax bill. It’s one benefit that’s a no-brainer to offer!

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    Employees can also salary sacrifice their nursery fees

    The workplace nursery scheme allows employees to pay for their children’s nursery fees on a salary sacrifice basis.

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    How Maji helps with salary sacrifice

    Quick and easy digitised process

    Maji’s digital process lets employees consent with one click, stores all your records electronically and generates automatic contract addenda when necessary. No more paperwork!

        Get our guide to implementing salary sacrifice!

        Value for money

        We cost less than a coffee for each employee a month. And due to our behavioural nudges and expert coaching, you can double your cost savings from salary sacrifice.

        Read about the pitfalls to avoid for a successful salary sacrifice switch

        Full support for employees

        Personalised calculations, communications and an employee workshop ensure your staff feel fully supported. We also take care of your employees’ queries – employees can chat to us anytime, anyplace. Plus easy onboarding for new joiners into the scheme.

        Maji makes your pension better too!

        Personalised video

        77% of employees want more help to understand their pension.

        Introduce employees’ pension scheme with a personalised explainer video that brings your provision to life.

        Guidance and coaching

        1 in 3 employees don’t know how much to save. 

        Let Maji’s accessible tools and calculators help employees create a clear savings plan and feel confident about their future.

        Contribution rate control

        The default rate of 8% is only 50% of the recommended savings rate. 

        Make it easy for employees to save more. One click savings options let them take control of their financial planning.

        Smart tech

        ‘Save more tomorrow’ has helped 15 million people in the US boost their retirement savings so far.

         Help employees achieve their long term savings goals with Maji’s unique ‘set and forget’ tool that auto increases their contributions annually.

        Maji embeds the pension into an employee’s financial journey, improving engagement through a holistic financial planning experience, coaching journeys, connection with financial experts and masterclasses.

        View all the key features you get as part of a subscription.

        What others say

        Maji’s features

        Digital salary sacrifice scheme manager
        Personalised video introduction to pension scheme for each employee
        Workplace pension engagement information and coaching
        Contribution rate control making it easy for employees to model and adjust savings
        Smart technology to auto increase employee contributions
        Financial education centre (money guides and step by step coaching)
        Live balance tracking for bank accounts, savings and investments, loans and mortgages, pensions and property
        Financial health assessment and personalised improvement plans
        1-1 support from vetted financial advisors, mortgage advisors and coaches
        Advanced retirement and financial planner
        Employer benefit package promotion
        Employer analytics
        Powerful employer analytics

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What’s the business case for financial wellbeing?

        Financial wellbeing at work is more important than ever. With over 80% of employees saying they are impacted by money worries at work, it’s clear that money stress can negatively affect your business. And, with the cost of living rising, the psychological toll is magnified, with 54% of UK adults now feeling dread, anxiety and depression as a result of concerns around finances. Developing a robust financial wellbeing policy can help support your employees through these tough times and beyond, leading them to feel more secure and happier at work.

        What is financial wellbeing?

        Financial wellbeing is a complex topic that encompasses many different aspects of a person’s circumstances, behaviours and attitudes. These component parts are multifaceted and interdependent.

        The Money and Pensions Service provides a useful financial wellbeing definition that sums up the different areas:

        ‘‘Financial wellbeing is about feeling secure and in control. It is knowing that you can pay the bills today, can deal with the unexpected, and are on track for a healthy financial future. In short: confident and empowered.”

        At Maji, we have used the latest academic research and industry thinking to develop our four pillars of financial wellbeing:

        • Financial resilience: how well someone is able to withstand shocks to the system, such as losing income
        • Money management: how someone deals with day to day money decisions and habits, like spending, saving, borrowing and budgeting
        • Future planning: how well someone is prepared for long-term life goals, including retirement
        • Money mindset: how someone feels about money, including their confidence and stress levels

        What is the difference between coaching and advice?

        Financial advisors recommend specific financial products or investments as a solution or next step for individuals seeking advice about their financial situation. The FCA regulates all financial advisers including mortgage, equity release, pension and investment advisers and sets the minimum standard of qualification and demonstrated competency including ongoing professional development and good financial behaviour.

        The training and competent adviser status expected by the FCA in itself means the adviser has a minimum of two years financial industry experience. The FCA authorisation process also checks professional references, positive financial behaviours (conduct) and identification.

        Financial coaches do not offer specific recommendations. They can guide groups or individuals through financial wellbeing and education sessions and support them into positive financial habits that in turn improve their financial situation and overall wellbeing. Financial coaches help with things such as:

        • Providing generic guidance
        • Sharing financial knowledge and information
        • Empowering individuals to change behaviour
        • Providing accountability for individuals who want support to change
        • Helping individuals reflect on and identify actions that will improve their financial wellbeing
        • Helping individuals use specific financial tools such as budgets or financial plans

        There is currently no set expectation for Financial Coaches, Financial Wellbeing Specialists or Financial Educators to be regulated by the FCA. This is because there is no financial product involved nor a specific written and verbal recommendation tailored to an individual’s personal circumstances.

        Whilst there are no regulatory requirements for qualification for these roles, Maji sets a high internal standard of professional experience, finance knowledge and personal skills for these specialists, as set out in our Expert Due Diligence Policy.

        Does Maji offer bespoke company webinars?

        Maji offers a bespoke and extensive webinar programme. In addition, your employees get access to monthly Masterclasses following Maji’s Money Curriculum.

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